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I am a digital focused, creative thinker who is insatiably interested in human behavior and deciphering its impact & opportunities for brands. 

Consumer words are my song. Brand challenges my caffeine. I am passionate about helping brands build meaningful connections with consumers and thereby achieve business objectives.

True Gemini spirit with a balance of the left & right brain, I firmly believe in Creativity that is Effective which is reflected in my past work and the 4 Effies I have won.

If you have 2 ways of seeing a scenario, I will show you 8! That's my advantage of having a diverse background. Crafting strategies in a country of a billion people has given me an inclusive & unique perspective.


My restless & curious nature enables me to be a constant learner and ace every endeavor I undertake like winning the Top Dog Award at Miami Ad School, Toronto.


I am a new immigrant in Canada and love to make meaningful connections with interesting people. So don't hesitate...reach out to me for an enriching conversation!  


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