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My Work

“Without Strategy, Execution is aimless and without Execution, Strategy is useless” ~ Morris Chang

I have been fortunate to work with some of the best creative teams that have helped bring alive my strategies that have proven effective for my brands. Personally, my curious and restless soul is only satisfied when my strategies turn into case studies and my campaigns influence consumer behavior. Click on any of the following projects to understand how my past efforts have changed the fate of some brands.


Transforming Outdoors from Danger zones to Happy zones

Brand: Goodknight Fabric Roll-On

Impact: Effie Silver - Consumer Products; Effie Bronze - Best Integrated Campaign


Brand: Goodknight

Impact: Effie Bronze - Consumer Products

Creative 2.jpg

Brand: MX Player

Impact: Green lit 6 new web series


Getting Moms to re-evaluate a brand

Brand: Hershey's Chocolate Spread

Impact: Double digit market share within 8 months of launch


Brand: Amul Milk

Impact: Brand association with the Youth increased by 25%


Brand: EA Sports FIFA

Miami Ad School Live Client Project

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