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EA Sports FIFA, B2C


Miami Ad School Toronto, Live Client Project


Racism in football is a thriving issue on and off the field. Being a leader brand, EA Sports FIFA wanted to address this social evil both in the sport as well as in the gaming world.



Gen Z and Millennials suffer from an awareness fatigue with respect to Racism leading to all talk but no action.



Racism is counterproductive both for the victims and the oppressors. The real strength of the game lies in embracing the differences.


Change the approach from Purpose Driven Marketing --> Brand Activism

Strategic Idea: Diversity fuels the Game

Shifting the focus from Anti-Racism to Pro-Diversity will lead to a positive reinforcement of the benefits of Diversity causing sustained behavioral change.


Creative Expression – Diversity, It's in the Game!

Re-contextualizing the iconic EA Sports slogan of 'It's in the game' to highlight the benefits of supporting Diversity at a gaming and sports level.

Launching the EA Sports FIFA Foundation for uplifting underprivileged, BIPOC children in grassroots football.

In-Game tactics

  • Diversity Bar: Improving the chances to win when you choose a diverse team

  • Points Donation: Game points converted to money that is donated to the foundation

  • BIPOC Importance: One-day event where the BIPOC players will be removed from the game to demonstrate the importance of diversity

Social Media

  • Twitter: Retweets with the branded emoji to be matched by FIFA as donation

  • Facebook: Segmenting consumers based on their sentiments towards Diversity and redirecting them to specific personalized creatives

  • Twitch: Create membership subscription for a special live stream channel where the money collected will be donated to the foundation


  • Scannable bus shelters and posters that lead to a geo-gated AR Snapchat filter. Every snap leads to a donation

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