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Transforming Outdoors from 

Danger zones to Happy zones 


Goodknight Fabric Roll-On, B2C


Wunderman Thompson, India


Goodknight is a leading brand for household insecticides in India (similar to OFF! in Canada). In 2016, it entered into the personal repellents market by launching a new product – Goodknight Fabric Roll-On.



Even though the probability of contracting a mosquito borne disease is highest outdoors, consumers avoided the use of Personal Repellents and this was reflected in the size & penetration of this sub category, which was a miniscule fraction of the total household insecticide category. This category was dominated by a key competitor brand making it a monopoly.


How do we get consumers to reevaluate a category that they had rejected in the first place?


According to a study conducted by Ikea, 75% Indian parents feel they are over-protective and don’t let their children play outside. A mother’s worry meter starts ticking when the child steps out of home where s/he is exposed to the outdoor mosquitoes over which she has no control.


Create a strategic shift in the mindset of mothers:  

Outdoors are DANGER zones -->  Outdoors are HAPPY zones.

Take a thought leadership stance by propagating the positive impact of playing outdoors on a child's social and all-round development.

To induce repeat purchase, create a new habit forming ritual of product usage - Applying 4 dots of product on your child’s clothes before s/he steps out of home.


Integrated communication campaign using TV, Print, PR, activations, social media & influencer marketing. Traditional media concentrated on educating about the product and inculcating a usage behavior. Social media focused on amplifying the importance of sending children outdoors through #ChildrensPlayDay & #GiftTheOutdoors


  • Brand achieved a double digit market share within 3 months of the product launch.

  • #ChildrensPlayDay was the top trending # in India on launch day with over 2 million views on YouTube & 4 million on Facebook.

  • Winner at Effie India – Silver: Consumer Products (Others); Bronze: Best Integrated Campaign

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